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Kansas Muzzleloader hunt and the state still has tags!!!

The group we had lined up to muzzleloader hunt had to cancel so we have an opening. We are only allowing one group to muzzleloader hunt so you will be the only ones hunting and the first group of the year. The state still has tags for unit 13 so you can call them up and get your tag today, if you need help just let me know. The season runs September 22 - Oct 5 we can work out the hunt dates to fit your needs.

I have attached some photos I took through my spotting scope the other day on one of our farms. The big boys did not come out in until low sun light so I did not get pictures of them but we have a large amount of mature bucks. We have been seeing many bucks that we will range 170-190 class.

If you would like to hunt with Kansas Racks & Quacks you may e-mail me or call me.

We still have an opening for an October bow hunting group as well.

Brandon Wilmoth
Kansas Racks & Quacks Manager

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Trail Cam

Got some trail pictures of a few deer that we have running around.

MDGC0722.JPG92.51 KB
MDGC0763.JPG88.62 KB
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More bucks

Some more Bucks for Kansas Racks & Quacks.

Rainbow Nasty 2.JPG
Rainbow Nasty 2.JPG23.9 KB
MDGC0704.JPG85.43 KB

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