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enjoy that new rifle.  be safe.

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It's been 7 years... Big smile So now, you got me wondering; how did that hunt turn out! Big smile

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Is now a semi old rifle. LOL What happened thar Western got caught in a time warp?

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I have actually thought about

I have actually thought about going back as far as we can on post and answering a few of the questions that never were answered.

I doubt that would perk up much intrest but it could be fun. Dancing

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keeping it going.

Ha ha, didn't notice the date on the original post.  Guess I'm just trying to keep the action going here on BGH lol

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I have appearently seen the

I have appearently seen the rifle but now it can't be opulled up any more. Memory not all it used to be. If that was an L61R then the machining in the reciever is for mounting a scope. I don't remember if Sako ring's came with it or not but I'd think they did. They were the best factory rifle's I've ever owned. At that time they were owned bu the Finish Red Cross. it was transfered to them during WWII to keep it away from the Natzi's is the story I heard.

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