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Just moved to Leduc/Edmonton Alberta

Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum and very excited that I found it. I am originally from British Columbia but had lived in Minnesota for the previous 6 years. I went down to Minnesota on a hockey scholarship and my fiance and I just finished our Masters degree. Now, we are moving back home and we can't wait to get settled in Leduc. Throughout my whole life I hunted in BC for deer and grouse, however, during the past 6 years I began hunting waterfowl and upland game. I have two black labs now that are fully hand signal, and whistled train for waterfowl and upland. I have been reading up on the regs here in Alberta but I was wondering if anyone could help me out with how things work around here. I know the federal regs with the PAL, so that isn't a big deal, but I was hoping someone could shed some light on hunting in Alberta specficially and specifically in the Edmonton/Leduc area. How do you know what land you can hunt on? In Minnesota there were WMAs signs posted on acreage that were open to public. Also, I saw that you cannot hunt on Sundays except in designated areas. Again, I waterfowl hunt (geese & ducks) , upland hunt (pheasant & grouse), rifle hunt (deer, elk & moose and would love to hunt pronghorn) and archery hunt (crossbow and compound bow). So I would love to get some info and I am very excited to be back in Canada and to start my hunting and fishing career in Alberta.

Thank you very much


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Just moved to Leduc/Edmonton Alberta

Glad to have you back from exile Laugh

I don't know squat about the regs/lanowner rights in AB. Think All I can do is reccomend you call the local DNR and ask. I think AB is fairly hunter friendly...

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Just moved to Leduc/Edmonton Alberta

Welcome aboard. I don't know if this link will help you but here it is anyway.


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