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Just got back from a great hunting trip.

Ok me and my wife just got back from our hunt. And let me just say that the owners of the outfitters we went with are just awesome! Not only were the accommodations they provide great but they are excellent company. After the first night of hunting when we got back to the lodge we sat around consuming plenty of beer and were cutting up all night long. I just can't recommend them highly enough.
Ok now to the hunting part. The first evening they dropped us off at the far corner of the 619 acre property. We had several choices of deer stands to choose from where we wanted to be and they would be back to pick us up before dark. So after not seeing anything for two hours I hear the sound of hooves and there was the first hog. I thought that he looked to be about 85lbs. So I said well we just got here lets give it some time and see if something larger comes out. But we didn't see anything else and he kept coming back. So Vickie says well what do you think about him for me? I said do you want to take him? She said sure. So once she got a good shot she took it and just nailed him in the heart from about 15 yards. He ran about 10 feet and was done for. So continued to wait and just about the time it was almost totally dark about 15 of the came our way and three of them were well over 100lbs but they were all bunched up and I was waiting for them to separate so I could pick off the one I wanted. But all of a sudden here comes this heard of goats and spooked the hogs off. So I was SOL that night. But no big deal because we had all of the next day. So we head out at 6:00am sat morning and the guide takes us to another spot to another deer blind. An hour later a few come by but they are just to small. So I then see a couple about 250 yards out across the pond rolling in the mud. So I take the shot and miss. It went right between the legs and they took off. Mike said that if we wanted to we could track them but that there are two big super mean boars that would kill us if they decided to charge us on the ground. Said they are about 405lbs with huge tusks. One of his best customer got sent to the hospital by one of them and had to have 86 stitches in his butt and his calf and showed me the pictures. But I told my wife that I'm not going to sit in this deer stand hoping a good one comes by on the last day of the hunt. We are going on foot. We are going to track them down. This property is 619 acres and they are somewhere on it. And we are going to find them. So after walking on the dirt roads for about a half hour we stopped and I heard something in what I can only describe as thick sticker ridden tangle wood brush. And it's so thick it's dark in there. All of a sudden all hell broke loose and I hear branches cracking and I crouch down and I see about four of them that look to be over 100lbs hauling ass about 50 yards into that tangle wood brush so I pull my .300WM off my shoulders and click the safety off and take aim just standing upright. The first one stops and looks at me. But there is a 3" dia dogwoog tree blocking the money shot on him. So he bolts off to the left. The next one comes through and does the same thing. Only this time I put my cross hairs of the Leupold right below his neck so that when he runs to the left to fallow his buddies and gets out from behind that dogwood I'm going to pull the trigger. And that's exactly what he did. I pulled the trigger and that .300 WM went off and it sounded like the world was going to end. I nailed him. He ran 10 feet and dropped on his side kicking for about 10 seconds and he was done for. So now I had to make my way to him and through that tangled mess. I hit him right in the lungs and pieces of his lungs were hanging out the exit hole. And the thing I like most about the way it went down was that it wasn't in a blind looking over a deer feeder. I had to actually go on foot and find them. To me that's hunting. He weighed in at 120lbs.

Us in the tree stand after getting dropped off.
My wife making the money shot getting her first Russian boar.
Getting ready to drag mine out of the thick brush after dropping him.

The 120 pounder I got the next morning with the Remington .300WM.
Wife posing with him.
We had a blast. The best $400 I've ever spent.

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Very nice! Couple of good

Very nice! Couple of good piggies!!

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Thanks. My wife in a

Thanks. My wife is a registered nurse and I'm a cnc programmer/Machinist. She works in the ER and deals with all of the gang fighting gun shot wounds, stabbings, drunks, abuse. Basically the worst parts of society and has pretty much seen it all. I however enjoy working with dead objects like stainless steel, Aluminum and plastics. We work long hours and have really never had time to get away just me and her. This hunting trip was no African safari by any means but it was a start. And was very addicting. We are both hooked now. We want to take our teenage daughters hunting now. They are already very good shot's at 100 yards and are excited about going on a hunt.
My dream hunt is without a doubt an Alaskan hunt for brown bear. Hopefully one day we will be able to afford it. Until then there is plenty of local hunting available.

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Thanks for the great story and the great pics! Where abouts were you hunting? You may have said, but I missed it if you did. I also have found hog hunting to be an absolute blast.

Congrats again on a super hunt!

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It was in Centerville Texas.

It was in Centerville Texas. Centerville is halfway between Houston and Dallas. The only thing I worried about was how hot it was going to be because you know how hot it gets in the summer here. But a weak cold front had moved through and it was only 71 degrees in the morning and would reach maybe 86 in the late afternoon. So the weather couldn't of been better. Plus they had just filmed an episode of Swamp people a week earlier there on a hog hunt.

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