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Just drew an elk tag in New mexico?!

Well I just received a very surprising call from new mexico game and fish! they decided to add 5 extra tags onto a couple of hunts and it turns out i missed being drawn by 1 person in the actual draw, so game and fish called me up and said i got my 2nd choice first cow elk hunt in unit 51! I talked to one of the game and fish people and he said they are adding some more bull and cow tags to different hunts and calling people up to tell them they have drawn. I just went online and sure enough it says I drew! Never heard of this happening before but Im excited for the first weekend in november! its a bummer i didnt get a chance to scout, but hey at least i got a tag. If anyone has been up to 51 recently i could use some information!!

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Might not have ever heard of

Might not have ever heard of that happening, but hey, don't look a gift horse in the mouth, right? Congrats and good luck!

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Hmm... Trying to figure out

Hmm... Trying to figure out how this happend... Was it a Youth Encouragement Hunt? or something else? I dont' believe the Dept can allocate tags once the draw has been certified


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nope its just a regular hunt,

nope its just a regular hunt, unit 51 elk first season cow elk tag! my credit card shows it and so does my account online, i have the tag now too.

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