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I haven't seen a lot of Blacktail deer videos out there. Is this species particularly difficult to hunt or just to film? Can you recommend any particularly good films? If anyone has any footage that they have shot I would be interested in trying to put together something that could be sold. I know a guy who does this sort of thing and I believe we could get him to distribute the video for us. Anyone interested?


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Where are you located?

There is a company out of Oregon that has a video out, but I can't think of the name right now.

Cali bt's are easy to find and film, but the farther up the coast you go the thicker it gets.

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That is a good question. I'm a long time Blacktail hunter from Washington state and I can't seem to find much on video's or how to hunt them. The info on how to hunt them (to me) seems to come from very inexperienced people and doesn't fit with what I've found successful. I'd like to find info on calling and scents but I can't find that either. Probably because Blacktail are not pursued by the amount of people Mule deer and White tail are.

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That's because generally they are WAY harder to see let alone hunt. I have never seen a video but I got a book on Blacktails a long time ago that is great. I'll look for it and give you the name. D.Schuh might have one, the archery guy. Hunted Blacktails most of my life and was lucky to get 37 over the years. Focusing on Mulies and elk now.

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