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Just courious
ChesterGolf wrote:
I will say that I would rather shoot too much caliber at game than not enough but to each his own.

Yes Thumbs up

How many of you are shooting grouse with a 12 or 20 ga. when all you need is a .410 bore ?

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Just courious

I was watching a grizzly bear hunt and thinking I'd like to do a griz hunt. I started pondering what rifle to use for such a hunt and then it occurred to me. I hunt deer, black bear, turkeys and one day might hunt African game all with a bow.

Generally, bowhunters don't have different bows for different species. One bow tends to do it all and yet, when we rifle hunt we have different rifles for different game.

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Just courious

quote] I'm well versed in the .308 from using the M40A1.....

Really? When and where? Just curious.

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Just courious


I suppose that they buy the caliber too large to handle because they have an idea that they will be taking longer range shots. Then they need the aftermarket products to make it manageable. I have a friend that has been taught by his father that you need a 30-378 Wby. or you don't have enough gun. I have shot his rifle and with a break on it the recoil doesn't seem so bad. The problem with that caliber is the price of the ammo. At $5 per round, I think some folks that buy one expecting long shots won't practice enough to become familiar with the gun. (loud!)

Some of these guys also complain about terminal performance when they shoot an animal at less than 100 yds. They can't understand why their bullets are coming apart @ 3300fps. Imagine that.

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Just courious

"The problem with that caliber is the price of the ammo. At $5 per round, I think some folks that buy one expecting long shots won't practice enough to become familiar with the gun."

I've said this same thing a thousand times about expensive ammunition. It makes no logical sense to buy something that you can't afford to practice with and hope the rifle somehow magically takes care of everything.

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Just courious
savage99 wrote:
We buy particular guns because we want them!

Ditto. I shoot a .375 H&H because I like it.

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Just courious


Compensation issues? Maybe for the same reason some guys have to jack their pick up truck 10 ft in the air? Think

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Just courious


Do you hunt any more? I just get the impression that shooting is way more your passion than hunting. I am probably wrong but just curious.


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Just courious

I don't hunt near as much as I used to. And yes shooting is more my bag. But then even when I hunted a lot, I always considered myself more shooter than hunter.

Then I think that when the time comes to shoot, the hunting has ended anyway.

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Re: Just courious
Don Fischer wrote:
I was wondering, why do so many people go out and buy heavy recoiling cartridges with the idea that they can just use after market products to tame the recoil. Instead of the 300 super mag, why not a 30-06? Or instead of a 7mm super mag, why not a 7-08, 7x57 or 280 rem?

Didn't mean to get in on this so late

I think it's kind of the chicken or egg first thingy. I believe it all started when traveling greater distances for hunting became more common. But time spent hunting became shorter. Did the hunters ask the firearms mfg's for faster flatter longer range rounds, or did they sell the hunters on the idea? Longer range means less time stalking.
The problem I see more often than not, is that far too many equate energy into more range rather than velocity. Energy increases more than range when speed is added. And most don't practice near enough at extended ranges. In reality, if you take the same bullet and start adding speed, you get 20-25 yds additional range for every 100fps.


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