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Just back from Wyoming

A few pics from my hunt last week.
It was all do-it-yourself and public land.

Goats in the ditch. Douglas, WY.
This was about the last we saw of the sun.

A herd moves along the rail tracks.

Pretty nice muley.

The loadout.
The betonite (sp?) roads get pretty slippery after a couple days of rain. Impassable for us. We were forced to hunt public land adjacent to the highway which really limited our choices.
Still we did OK.

One pretty good morning. Our group filled 10 of 12 tags by the time we left.

Good time all in all. I'd do it again.

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Just back from Wyoming

Very cool, ten of twelve tags not bad at all. You always have cool pics!

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Just back from Wyoming

Congrats Alamosa! You and your group did very well. Thanks for sharing the photos! Big smile