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Jumping jack tent trailer?

I’m getting older and I’m tired of the air mattress or cot routine when we go camping.  I can’t afford an all out trailer but I found the Jumping Jack tent trailers and they look very interesting.  Does anyone out there own one or have any recommendations for or against getting one? 

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I haven't known anybody with

I haven't known anybody with a Jumpin Jack style of trailer but have friends that have Colemans.  The seam to work ok but just remember that all it is is a tent on wheels but with a stove and frige inside.  The biggest complaint that I have heard is when they fold them up after a storm and the sides are wet.  It seams like once they fold it up things get wet where ever the canvas lays on something.  That and once you get home after a wet trip you need to set it up to dry everything out before you store it.  One other thing is that they use a lot of propane to heat it up and keep it warm if you have you wife and kids with you and they like it warm inside. 

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I've been trying to talk my

I've been trying to talk my wife into letting me get one, but she wants to tent camp still, i guess I'll have to wait

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for the wheeler

It would give me a different trailer to pull my wheeler up to camp, with the benefit of the pop-up tent in it.

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I bought a fleetwood popup a

I bought a fleetwood popup a few years bacyk thinking that theuu furnace would make it sufficient for oct and nov hunts above 8000 to 9000 feet. First october trip in unit 15... freak dust then mud then snow storm nearly flipped it on its side. Kept it upright by attaching tow strap to trailer frame and truck bumper. Wind howled all night and tent fabric separated from roof even though i went out several times to beat snow off. Based on above experience i don't think popups hold up very well in severe wind and snow. And the wind will ruin your sleep. Still have the popup but negotiating with wife to get something hardsided. Also thinking a sturdy four season tent might be better than a popup...at least in the rockies mid to late season.

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Jumping jacks are nice and I

Jumping jacks are nice and I wont steer you away but, they are as cold as a tent and loud and IMO pricey is you get the extras that one should have in the basic package.  That said they are handy, set up in a hurry and the few down sides can be fixed easily.

It is nice not to sleep on the ground..

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