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July Round of the Grand Slam Challenge Prizes!

We're excited to announce the July 2011 round of the Grand Slam Challenge!

A great big THANK YOU to our sponsors Webyshops.com and EOTech. They have donated $1800+ in prizes for the July round. Show your appreciation by liking their Facebook page and thanking them!

To participate in the contest you are automatically included by simply logging in and posting. For all you new folks, if you haven't signed up yet - now is the time! Lots of great prizes for simply contributing to BGH.

Scoring has not changed for the July round.

NOTE: Remember that all submitted stories and tips must be your own, written by you. If submitted stories or tips are found to be copied in whole or part, you will lose all your points and the right to compete for prizes on BGH.

For complete rules visit the Official Contest Rules page at http://www.biggamehunt.net/grand_slam_rules_2011.html for detailed information.

July 2011 prizes:

- 1st Place : EOTech EXPS3-2 Holo Weapon Sight - $840

- 2nd Place : EOTech Gen II 3x Magnifier w/FTS Mount - $650

- 3rd Place : SureFire Edge Folding Combat Utility Knife - $250

- 4th Place : SureFire EarPro Sonic Defender Medium - $30

- 5th Place : SCOPECOAT EoTech XPS-2 / XPS-3 - $30

- 6th Place : SCOPECOAT EoTech Magnifier - $30

- 7th Place : $25 Gander Mountain Gift Card

For all the details and photos of the prizes, visit this page:


Official Contest Rules:


Information to help get started with contributing your photos and stories to BGH!


Tips and Story submission guidelines:


GOOD LUCK to Everyone!

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Now this is a very impressive

Now this is a very impressive list of prizes and I'm sure the competition will be fierce for some of these. I have already done as requested and visited the facebook pages of the companies making thiese prizes possible.

Thank you to all involved in the coming month and for the ones that have gone by as the prizes keep getting better and better.

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Sweet!  I use some EOTech

Sweet!  I use some EOTech stuff on the job.... Very nice BGH!!! Thumbs up

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