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Judging the size of a bear

Hello all, as the fall hunting season fast approaches I need some help in determining what the weight of a bear would be that I have caught on the trail camera. Yes I have all 4 of my trail cameras out already and think I have pinpointed a good trail that bears like to use. I have a bear tag for the month of Sept. and am looking for a trophy. I have included a pic of me on my Arctic Cat 250 ATV at the same spot the bears have been to give a size comparison. So besides the pic of me and the big bruin I have also included a couple of pics of smaller/younger bears. I do believe that I have found a good spring time bear trail, now if they just use it in Sept. I may get to pull the trigger on the 300 win mag. Oh by the way the bears are not the only ones to use this trail. I have some really great pics of a growing 5X5 bull elk that may be a couple points bigger by the time he sheds the velvet. So I guess this is guess the weight of the bear forum. Thanks

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That first bear is a shooter!  Its ears look small and its back is level with teh top of your ATV.  Take it!

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But would you have a good

But would you have a good guess on the weight? I think it is over 500, what is your opinion?

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