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Hey there follow Hunters!

My orders are in and I am moving back to Canada this summer after four years in Texas.  I am looking forward to my move and hoping to make new hunting friends quickly.

I will be looking for any info on hunting the Capital area. I am an avid bow hunter but I am not oppsed to the bang stick. I have been lucky enough while in Texas for the past four years to harvest 5 x Whitetails, 1 x Blackbuck Antelope, 1 x Ram, 1 x Javelina and my Gemsbok (Oryx). My taxidermy bill has been high but it was worth it.

I have been part of the Texasbowhunter.com forum since 2008 and have enjoyed the bowhunting fraternity on that site and hope to find the same here.

Hope to hear from you all soon 


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Well howdy (soon to be) neighbour. I live in Ottawa; plenty of white tail action to be had around here if you can get access; not a lot of public land and the land that is here gets pretty crowded. The racks won't be what you're used to in Texas but the numbers and body size aren't that bad. Excellent fishing in the area too; like everywhere in Canada we don't have the long "growing season" to produce the big bass that you guys have, but we make up for it in numbers, access plus the added bonus of trout, walleye, pike and muskie 

I'm assuming you're military - do you know where you'll be working out of? We might be able to hook up for a coffee and swap lies.


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Welcome soon to be neighbor

Welcome soon to be neighbor to the north.