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Joel's Utah Bull Elk, 12 Years Of Waiting Over !!

Joel hunted with us and used his 7mm Remington Magnum and 160 Grain Nosler Accubonds to take his Utah Bull Elk. At 225 yards he ended his 12 years of waiting for his Utah big bull harvest. After hunting hard on horseback we had passed up a lot of bulls and seen over 500 head of elk. On day 4 There were 5 bulls moving up towards the ridge with Joel's bull in the lead. Joel hit him back a little spinning him and then hit him again solid towards the front shoulder. The bull was still on it's feet but stopped. The third shot hit perfect and down he went. There was a lot of adrenaline going. I am always amazed at how tough these big bulls are. Weapon and bullet choice is so important when going after these animals. Joel was prepaing for his hunt in the early spring and it paid off for him in November.

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Joel's Utah Bull Elk, 12 Years Of Waiting Over !!

Nice bull, as for the shooting, thats what we call breaking them down! Thumbs up great job

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Joel's Utah Bull Elk, 12 Years Of Waiting Over !!

Dandy Bull! Congrats! Thumbs up Hard work does pay off!

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Joel's Utah Bull Elk, 12 Years Of Waiting Over !!

Looks like 12 years worth the wait...nice bull.

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