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Jay's 2009 Utah Black Bear

After 7 weeks of hard hunting Jay was able to take this great Utah Boar. Congratulations on a great bear. Thanks to everybody who helped. I hope everybody enjoys the picture.

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Hey - really nice bear, Jay!

Hey - really nice bear, Jay! Congratulations on taking a pretty color phase blackie.

I love the timber in the background. That looks like a really great place to hunt. I've driven through the beautiful state of Utah - from bottom to top on my way from Arizona to Montana - but never had time to stop and look. We even drove right past Bryce Canyon, not knowing that it was one of the most beautiful spots on earth to see!

Maybe we'll get to that another time.

Thanks again for sharing the picture of your beautiful bear. Thumbs up

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That was a great looking

That was a great looking bear, when it was shot almost 2 years ago.... .lol

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