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javelina size

Just an interesting observation.

I have been fortunate enough to kill three javelina, 1 in Arizona and 2 in Texas. While looking at the skulls today I noticed that the Arizona skull was slightly larger and although the teeth were shorter they were a little heavier.

What makes it interesting is that the Texas javvies were considerably larger bodied.

I guess that's the difference between eating corn on ranches and having to rough it out in the desert.

Arizona was much more challenging and rewarding if anyone is thinking about hunting these guys.

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I just got back yesterday

I just got back yesterday from a hand gun hunt for them in Arizona and while it was cold this year we had a lot of fun.  As far as size I doubt that you can go with the size of the tusk.  I have killed quite a few of them and they all range from short ones to long ones not to mention broken ones.  Arizona and I believe New Mexico consider them a game animal while Texas classifies them as a varmet so there would be no record keeping for the ones from Texas.  Arizona will measure the head from the snout to the back of the head in inches down to the 1/16 th for their record books.  As far as weight size the largest one that I have killed was the first one that I got and it went around 65lbs on the hoof which is a very large one.  I also have seen one other one alive that looked like a regular pig.   He was dragging his bellie on the ground as he walked.  It was too bad that I had already filled my tag that year or else I would of known for sure how much he weighed. 

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That's definitely a good

That's definitely a good one!  The largest we have ever killed was one that my Dad shot many years ago down in the Brush country of South Texas and it was a boar that weighed 56 pounds.  He came in to a feeder and kept running all the deer away until Dad got tired of it and that was the end of said javelina, LOL!