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Jackson Wyoming area

Never been elk hunting before so my buddy and i thought cow tags would be a good place to start. Looking at left over tags and the jackson area has a decent amount of tags left for that area. My question being from MN is how easy is it to find public land, get maps, is their a good amount of elk in that area. Pretty much any info to a newbie elk hunter in that area. Thanks

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Jackson Wyoming area

going to have to narrow it down a little for good info.

Which area you looking at hunting in 73, 78, 79, 84, 85?

What time are you planning?
Most of these cow/calf areas come in Sept 10

Some don't become very good until the migration actually begins, some cover some extensive roadless area, etc, lots of varibles.

The wife and I are going into area 84 this year to have a little early season pack trip while it's still reasonable weather, even though there always seems to be a early snow in mid Sept

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