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Jack Russel Terrier as a bird dog?...

was out at EE Wilson (local humting reserve) hunting pheasants, when I come across a man hunting with a Jack Russel. Stopped and talked with him for a while, fellar was saying his little dog was a great bird flusher. Seemed like the dog knew what to do. Just thought it was kinda "cute" to see such a little lap dog out hunting pheasants.

What are some of the "strange" or different breeds others have seen while in the fields?

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Re: Jack Russel Terrier as a bird dog?...

We looked into getting a JR for hunting as a comprimise since I wanted a hunting dog and my family wanted a smaller dog. But I finally have in and let them get there little dog and I'm in the market for a bird dog. We went and looked at a pudlepointer today that I hope we can get! There is a breeder in eastern co that breeds JR,s for flushing!

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Re: Jack Russel Terrier as a bird dog?...

Any breed of dog that will run roiund in shotun range can be used for hunting. Kinda like the blind squirrel, they even find an acorn once in awhile. I thiugh about gettting a Jack Russel at one time to take rabbit hunting. All they would have to do is staqrt the rabbit.

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