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Ive got a question..

luke, go and get a CVA Optima Elite. You can get that in blackpowder and an 06 or 270. 2 barrels for the price of 1.You can get these if you shop around for $475-$600. Go to Buds Gun shop on line and take a look.

And after you save up you can get the shotgun barrel to go with it to go turkey hunting.
They are a bit cheaper than Thompson's and shoot just as good.

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Ive got a question..

30-60 is an all around great gun, i live in upstate new york and weather your making a 300 yard shot in a field or trying to punch through some brush at close rang it will get the Job done

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Ive got a question..

Theres no problem with a remington 7600, if they made a carbine version in 7mm-08 I'd be on it like white on rice.

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Ive got a question..

i have a remington 700 ald(308) and love this rifle(its bolt action) ive spent alot of time with it it has a 3x9x40 scope and i am confitend that if i can see it i can drop it in one shot.my point being be good with what you choose if you doubt your your choice your shots will show it,all though a 308 or 30/06 is your best choice for all round use.

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Ruger Frontier

I read all the Post and they all were great ... Even thought I am not a 30-30 guy so I'm glad to see you didn't buy on of those. even though I own 4 very old 30-30 win.'s.
What I did look into was this Ruger Frontier since I'm a big Ruger guy. but shot a old Browning .308 so that beeing said I looked up this gun and I am Impressed. I will be looking to shoulder one very soon. I read this article and you might like to read it also.. I am 5'9 199lb. and I would buy this gun upon shouldering it .

It is every bit as handy as a good lever action carbine. The buttstock is short enough for those of smaller stature, such as women and kids, but is not too short for a six-foot, long-armed male. At least in the .300 WSM chambering, it is important to grasp the forearm back away from the sling swivel stud due to recoil, but that also helps in accurate shooting. The fit and finish on the gun tested was excellent. The bluing was deep and black. Chambered for the standard cartridges, it would be a dandy little deer rifle. In the .300 WSM, it has enough power for larger game, and should handle just great in the thick timber where trophy elk are found. It is a well-built rifle that is built entirely in the USA. I recommend it

Have a good der season my friends.....

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