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It's time.....

...to get the bows and get started practing if you have not already...the season is right around the corner.  Well OK it's five months away but it will be here in no time!!

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Practice?  I took mine

Practice?  I took mine hunting this past weekend for turkeys.... lol

Only 4 1/2 months till deer season here, unless I want to go up north.  Then, it's only 3 months or so.... Wink

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I need all the practice I can get

I have been shooting at 10 yds in my basement nearly daily since I bought my bow in January.  I need as much practice as I can get before my first archery hunts this fall.  I might give turkey a try with my bow yet this spring, but it will depend on if I get a chance to shoot more at 20+ yards before I go turkey hunting. 

This past weekend, I had my arrows shortened and my bow re-tuned.  I like the difference that it made.

Despite needing lots more practice, my fall archery seasons still can't get here quick enough!

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Done and done. I've been

Done and done. I've been practicing all winter, i was shooting in a league, and shooting at home. My set up is ready for the fall. I have to wait till Aug though, I guess thats only 4 more months well maybe 5, its at the end of Aug. Thinking about getting out and try turkey hunting with it though if i could ever find some time.

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I have been practicing for

I have been practicing for the past couple of weeks.  But in a couple of months I'm going to buy a new bow so I'll need to sight it in and then I will have a few months untill archery season starts.

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It was hard to do but I

It was hard to do but I finally retired my 12 year old darton. I had a lot of great hunts/memories with that bow. It did not take me long to get over it though.

I picked up a new Darton DS3800 and boy does that sucker shoot. It's amazing how far bows have come over the last 10 years. Smoking fast, quiet, no vibration, If any of you are looking at getting a new bow this year I would highly recommend you shoot one and see for yourself.

I have been shooting every chance I can get in the back yard and can't wait to try the 3d shoots this summer.

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