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It's not just the Gun Manufacturers under fire

Wonder why we have so many people wanting to sue for everything. And why Insurance costs so much $$$.
This should never be allowed to happen, :rotest1 here's a link about boat manufacturer being sued.


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Re: It's not just the Gun Manufacturers under fire

Only in the good old USA, maybe some of these idiots should be held responsible for their own actions (STUPIDITY) instead of trying to place blame on others and collect BIG BUCKS at a cost to all of us. This is total BS....

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Re: It's not just the Gun Manufacturers under fire

Stupid people generally don't have deep pockets. Corporations, on the other hand, do.

We actually had a guy badly injured while doing a vehicle checkout. He started up the truck, put it in reverse, and got out to look to see if the backup lights were working. He ran himself over as he was reaching into the cab to try to get to the brake pedal. So according to this article it must 've been the manufacturer's fault.

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Re: It's not just the Gun Manufacturers under fire

So the driver doesn't have any responsibility in any of this eh? Did the jury realise that propellers are supposed to turn, as a result anything in the way will get decimated. Didn't they realise that if you put a vessle or vehicel in reverse it will move aft regardless if someone is in the way or not. They are blaming the machine for doing what the machine is supposed to do. Does the boat manufacturer have to now make engines that don't turn a propeller? I've spent more than half of my life around airplanes with that have turbines and propellers. I don't know of anyone who would be so careless when those things are turning. You stay clear of that stuff if you want to keep your limbs and your life.

Stupid people are the main reason why everyone and everything is going backrupt in this country. I mean were're almost to the point where doctors can't and won't even physically touch or examine a patients anymore. No way, they have their techs and nurses do all the dirty work. Why? Probabally the doctor's own insurance prohibits it for liability reasons.

I dread the day when every razor blade, saw blade, and knife blade has to have a Federal required warning stamp on them to inform stupid people that the blade is sharp and when used carelessly it can cause a lot of damage.

Ironically more pople today have Bachelors, Masters, and PhD degrees than at any other time in our history, yet people seem to be getting dumber and dumber every minute. Some of the biggest idiots I know personally are the ones who have all three of those degrees.

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Re: It's not just the Gun Manufacturers under fire

Nothing was said about the fact that millions of other boat motors with "propellers" that are not shielded have countless hours of run time on them without a single accident?
This has to be overturned or WesternHunters' dreaded day WILL come, sooner than later I suspect.

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