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It's my turn!

Headed out first thing in the am to try and take an elk with a sharp stick!
Cow or bull does not matter to me......I will never make it as a trophy hunter!!!

Good luck to everyone else that venturs out and be safe!!!!

Let em fly straight!!!

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It's my turn!

Awesome! Hope you find your elk and your arrow finds it's mark.

Good luck!

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It's my turn!

Oh! An arrow!

I couldn't figure out what you were talking about with that sharp stick. I thought for a second that you were going to try to spear an elk. I feel pretty stupid now though.

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It's my turn!

good luck!!! Thumbs up

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It's my turn!

Have fun and kill a biggun. Thumbs up

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It's my turn!

Good luck. would love to see pictures if you take any.

Remember, hit them where they live Thumbs up

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