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It's game time!!!

Well, this show is about to get started. I have one class this morning that I have to go to. It's quite appropriate that the lectures I will miss over the next week in Mammology are on predation. "Yes... I will be studying this topic firsthand", is what I told my prof.

Good luck to all of us people crazy enough to hunt the 2nd season. Hopefully I'll be posting some pics of dead elk to complete my poor man's slam this year.

Hawkeye... over and out.

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It's game time!!!

Awesome! Good luck have fun and kill a big one.

Thumbs up

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It's game time!!!

Good luck to you as well!!! my bags are packed and waiting for the brother to get off work. If you see a big green ford coming with two young bucks in it LOOK OUT!!! Thumbs up

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