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It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood!

With all the hype about the poor numbers and bad conditions, I was not expecting too much at all.

That is what I get for expecting anything eh!?!?!

What a glorious weather morning to start the season with!


And I sure picked the perfect field to start with as well! Even though the three pivots I started with had nearly 40 hunters, endless trucks, and shooting just like on a range, before I had left the one half, of one pivot I hunted….I still managed to get two in the vest, and could not find the third I dropped!!


Kiwi could not have been more happy to be out chasing these ditch chickens! What a good dog she was!


…and her son Tako was just as excited as she was and worked like a veteran at his ripe age of 19 months!


So I ended up missing on three roosters!!...saw 4 hens, saw two roosters I could not shoot at, and the one I hit but never found, along with the two in the bag…I have to say, what a great way to start the day!! 8 roosters and 4 hens out of only two pivot corners! …so with that being said on how great a choice my first field was…I then headed to a nice big CRP I always tend to have decent luck at and normally do not see a hunter on as it is out of the way a spell. I hit it for the next 1.5 hours and the birds never even got birdy once!! Same with the next field too, not a single fast tail wag between them! The last field I hit to end my day, we did see one hen, and they got birdy once in a nice huge plum thicket. After near two hours of that field we called it quits for the day being very content with what we already had in the bag!!!

Did I mention how much I love my dogs?!?! Kiwidimok of The Wind, and her son Takoda of The Wind!

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Were those planted birds?

Were those planted birds? Been a long time since I've been to Greeley but I don't remember much in the way of pheasant's there.

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No Don, they are wild...I was

No Don, they are wild...I was way out on the Neb Line past Holyoke. Was a glorious day though! ...Did alright this weekend as well. My buddy and I went with his kids, one son got his limit of 3, another 2, another skunked, my buddy & I both snagged a single after only walking three little fields. It is pretty bad out there due to the drought, but still finding a few where there is good food & cover

I am going to a preserve in two weeks though...my reward to my dogs for all their hard work!!!

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