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It's all over.......

.....but the cleaning of the gear and putting it away until next year.  Goose season offically ended for me this past Thursday as I have to work this weekend.  I had a real good year feel a bit short of my goal for geese taken, however I did break my personal record which I set about 3 years ago.  Can't wait til elk season starts now...then it starts all over again.  I will go thru the hundreds of pictures taken and post up some of my favorites.  My 5 year hunted with me alot and we had a great time...he is already hooked.

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Like you said at the end of

Like you said at the end of your post, it's never really over. It's just the break that we take to sort stuff out, clean it up and start making plans for the next year.

And with children to follow in our steps it's even better as we know what we started will never end.

Looking forward to next years seasons and the short time we have to get ready for more. For me that means work and save more money for licenses and trips.

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Hey Goose, do you guys have

Hey Goose, do you guys have any spring conservancy hunts for the snow geese, or is that what you just finished up?

I know that Nebraska, and back home in Vermont, both have them.  Nebraska's just got done, and I think Vermont's is this week or so.

I couldn't get over the amount of snows I saw in nebraska 2 weeks ago.  Geez, unreal!

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