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Its all over :(

Another season in the books. Hard to believe that its over already. I guess its time to do a little grouse hunting and start chasing trout untill turkey season.
How did yall' do this season? Was it average, better than average, worse? I didn't see as many deer as usual this year but was able to take advantage of the chances that I got. The weather was horribe for hunting this year. It was either raining, 85 degrees or the wind was blowing 50mph. As far as seeing deer my year was average but was able to take a nice 6 point and three does.

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Its all over :(

I had a great year, saw 94 deer from my stands took 8 shots got 7 deer passed on 42 shots.
Only saw 14 bucks Largest being a 7pt, I hunted very hard almost every day, and every hour I could spare.
Also my hunting buddy Don got 3 deer 2 does and a 4pt. Spending time with friends doing what we live for I couldn't have asked for a better season.

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Its all over :(

The weather was horrible this year for us as well. Same as you said. Rain, Wind, Snow, then warm weather... Just weird. I only saw 10 deer. I missed a nice buck with the bow, hit a nice doe and never found her in the swamp with the bow, saw 2 other bucks & a doe with bow in hand and couldn't get a shot.
I saw 2 deer with the shotgun. I took one nice doe and couldn't get a shot at the other which appeared to be a good buck. During muzzleloader i took a small spike and a nice 8 pointer. I thought the spike was a good doe. He was out in the field right before dark. He went down and as the other deer ran i saw good horns on one. Oh well, all in all it was a fun season.

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Its all over :(

I hade a preatty good season i live in lexington south carolina but i hunt all over the state...but we got a lot of hot weather.....no snow and little rain.....but i shot 5 does, and 3 bucks a cow horn a 9 point and a would be 12 point but i accedentally shot one of his kickers off on a dog drive....and i shot two guns all season... a remington 7400 simi-auto 30-06 springfield and just got a brand new browning .257 roberts lever action rifle on december 19 for my birthday.

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Its all over :(

2 bucks a doe and 2 gators!
Missed a buck this morning! season goes till the middle of Feb here.

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Its all over :(

Yea but the hogs are running good in TX.

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Its all over :(

You did better than I did, sure, I got the one buck, but I still could have done a lot better.

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Its all over :(

It aint over for me, I have found that the best time to scout for the bucks u will be hunting next year is now. I look for where the deer have been bedding during pressure, and where the big bucks hide. Next year Ill be one up on them. Used this method to take a nice six point this year. Not a trophy but the best available on the land I have to hunt.

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