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Itasca Kingston 8 boots

Anyone ever heard of these? I hadn't, to be honest. I blew out my hiking boots back in August and have been looking ever since... well... until 3 days ago. I couldn't find a comfortable boot in a price range that fit my wallet. Pretty much the only boots I stepped into were $125ish and below but nothing fit right, felt like a brick when walking, clunky, clumsy, heavy, whatever.

I have a pair of intermediate weather Army boots from back in the day. Extremely comfortable and warm but they weigh about 3 or 4 pounds each, seriously. Ever heard the term clod-hopper? Well, that's these. By the end of a 4-6 mile hiking/scouting trip I could barely keep feet moving and forget quiet if I was trying to stalk.

I have a pair of Justin work boots. Extremely light and fine for a flat floor or truck driving but by no means should these be considered for hunting. Not comfortable enough nor do they allow for flexibility or conformity when moving through the woods and trying to be quiet.

I remembered having HiTech boots in the Army and those were comfortable, 12 mile road march in 2.5 hours with 40#s strapped to my back and felt great but the ones I looked at were over $100 and not on sale so....

Okay, back to the Kingston's. I was looking through Sunday's ads and Big 5 was having a huge sale. These were like $29.99 down from $60 something. I also had a 10% off coupon.  I tried a few brands on and settled on these Kingston 8s. Light, like running shoe light, waterproof, comfortable, insulated. I think they are probably the most comfortable boot or shoe I've ever owned (but I did have to put my Dr. Scholls insoles in for best comfort). I've put about 4 miles on them, some street and some off road with hill climbing/descending like I'd see out in the bush. Man, if these things are durable I think I've found a little piece of heaven. And even if I only get a season or 2 out of them, for less than $30? Shoot, that's a no brainer!



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Well, never heard of them,

Well, never heard of them, but it might be worth a look if they have them on sale at Big 5 again.  For the southern California hunting, I like a lightweight boot.  Heck, dove opener can be 95 degrees, and alot of bow hunting is in 80+ degree weather.

I'll take a look.

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