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Is it worth 350$

I have been back and forth and I think I am going elk hunting with the muzzleloader. My hunting partner and i are going to be in 28. My question is if there are any over the counter bear tags left is it likely we will see any. Our main objective will obviously be trying to call/stalk bull elk. But I have always wanted to kill a bear. Thanks for any thought's.


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If you have hunted the area

If you have hunted the area before and seen a few bears then I would say go for it.  But if this is your first time into the unit or you haven't seen very many bears in it then I wouldn't bother. 

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Thanks critter this is a hunt

Thanks critter this is a hunt I would like to do every other year so maybe next go around.

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Can't help, but

Can't help, but good luck on your hunt!

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Not in 28. The bears will be down low and the elk will be up at timberline. In some units it would work but I wouldn't recommend it in 28.

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