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is it too early for doe urine, rattling, bleating (OH)?

I have found a ton of rubs in my hunting spot in lawrence county Ohio and I want to start putting out the doe urine, bleating, grunting, rattling, etc. but I don't want to run them off. Is now the time to start hunting these tactics or is it too early and will hurt more than help?

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is it too early for doe urine, rattling, bleating (OH)?

The bucks don't have carry a calendar to check what the date is Big smile Many people don't realize that some older does will be coming into a short heat cycle very soon and the bucks will notice any hot honeys !!! Evil! I have saw lots of bucks sparring this time of year in WV, so rattling should work fine. Good luck and take a bigin! Thumbs up

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i'd have to agree

I've done some extra research this year and i have found that peak rutting time for this year for the northern states will be around Nov.13...there will be a full moon that night. I would imagine that anytime between now and the end of Nov. would be good for rattling. Just don't "over-do-it".

Good luck!

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