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It Looks Like Montana Has Had Enough of Wolfs

From reading this article it looks like Montana has finaly had enough. 


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That was an interesting

That was an interesting article and I will be watching for updates. It sounds good but I would not want to be the test case for doing what the state says is okay and then being arrested by the feds.

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I would imagine the feds will

I would imagine the Feds will be filing a lawsuit on the part where the Governor said he was going to have his employees kill the wolves in the Bitterroot Valley that are decimating the elk.  He can do that when they are destroying domestic stock, but has no authority to do it or have his employees do it for other reasons.

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It's About Time

IMO it's about time that the states started standing up for their rights. Big government that is supported by wealthy celebrities, powerful unions and liberal judges should not be able to make decisions that are harmful to individual states.

The current actions of other governors concerning the implementing of Obamacare and saddling their people with huge debts by taking federal money for high speed trains shows that people in general have had enough of the control-hungry folks in D.C.

I think this is just the beginning of a movement that will restore state rights back to the states and loosen Washington's grip on our collective lives. Thumbs up

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Amen Jaybe!! 

Amen Jaybe!! 

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It will be an interesting

It will be an interesting election year next year.  We have a huge range of topics on the home front, one of which is states' rights.

Health care, gun control, control of wildlife, you name it, it seems to be a hot topic these days.

Hopefully the Feds will back off and let these states manage their own herds.  I believe they know best when it comes to what's in between their border.

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