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Hey gang, invite a friend! I recently found this site and really like but boy is it it stagnant. It's boring when you put a post up and a week later no one has even looked at it let alone commented on it. It's tough to get that discussion or advice or whatever you might be looking for if there's no response.

Moderators, how about some new fields? A lot of guys like a "project" field that they can show off in or get advice on a project they're working on. How about a curio and relic field. A gunsmithing or gun refinishing field is always cool.You've got the "anything goes" field but it's almost too broad. I don't know, just trying to help a cool site. Happy New Year all!!

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Hi, everyone!

Hi, fellow hunting enthusiasts!

I'm new here, and I'm looking forward to learning about new things about hunting in this forum.

Peter Vekselman

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Yeah, this site is pretty much dead, on a vent right now, since they stopped the prize giveaways for stories, pictures, etc.

The contest for points kept this site hopping last year. I was fortunate in that I won a little prize, and I'm grateful for it. I still try to stop in and post now and then but not nearly as often as I did last year.

I will probably always keep checking in here, even if I don't post, as I met my hunting partner on this site and look to maybe make a few more hunting buddies from this forum. Lots of good folks here I've noticed that I'd enjoy sharing a fire with.

Hang in there and ride it out is my only advice. I think things will get better in the future. The site is afterall what you make of it.

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Invite A Friend

I've been on here for over 10 years, and it was once far more active.  The biggest decline has been in the past couple years, and I suspect the primary reason is facebook.  People with an urge to debate, swap stories, etc are satisfying that itch there instead of here.  It may be time to make some format changes to either dovetail in with facebook or at least make the site more facebook like in terms of posting, organization, comments, etc.

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In my opinion when they ran

In my opinion when they ran the contest it was the start to the end. The contest did its job in getting a lot more hits on the web site along with a lot new members during the contest but once they stopped just about all the new members left. The contest also drove away a few regulars that didn't want to put up with having to dig through a couple hundred new post each day to get or give any help or information since 99% of the post didn't really pertain to anything that anyone wanted to read. The contest did do it's job since the site was sold which I personally believe was the intended purpose of the contest.

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I think all reasons given are

I think all reasons given are valid on some level. I was a member before the contest but admit to ramping up my presence here during that time. But I stayed after and other than a couple others the rest are long gone. 

I agree also though that facebook plays a huge role as I spend 90% of my time there. Easy to communicate with friends and hundreds of sites to monitor what's going on in any of your interests.

That said my strongest friendship was made here where I first began talking to Vince.

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I am honored by that comment Wade and consider myself blessed to have you as a friend.

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