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An Introduction to Trail Cameras (Feature Article)

How is your battery life in cold weather?

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An Introduction to Trail Cameras (Feature Article)

the camer has a big 6volt battery and i get good life. I just downloaded 1100 pics of off the camera in the last 3 days. Lots of pics at night. I am seeing a couple of thousand shots with the battery. This is with snow on the ground, to give you an idea of temp. I have 2 batteries and a charger. Last night the battery was at 50% life. neat feature of the camera.

I have a camera that use 6 aa batteries. couple of days at the most. Which reminds me i have to go and get that camera.

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An Introduction to Trail Cameras (Feature Article)

i bought the 4.1 megapixel moultrie camera from cabelas and have had some problems with it. The reaction time doesnt seem to be that great. I put it on a trail and came back and clearly saw deer tracks in front of it but it took no pictures. Then again when i put it on a scrape it took some amazing pics. Also, a couple times, i put a new 6 volt battery in it and it would be dead in 3 days with no pictures taken. Other times the battery would last longer than a week. Dont know if this camera is going to survive or not becouse if i keep seeing deer tracks in front of my camera and theres no pictures on it then im going to freak out and send it back.

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An Introduction to Trail Cameras (Feature Article)

People can steal them.

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An Introduction to Trail Cameras (Feature Article)

Trail cams are good for checking out as to what you have roaming a particular area. As for me, I like to take pics and videos with a trail cam to see whats out there and monitor the progress of game as they grow etc.... It can be quite addicting once you start. Its also great for catching trespassers going thru your land cool My best pic on that so far is the Scout Guard SG550. Nice little unit.

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