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Hey all, I'm new here and new to hunting.  I went bear hunting this spring to no avail.  I saw a ton of deer, elk, coyotes, but no bear!  I was up at Priest Lake, ID but there was so much snow I couldn't get to where I wanted to go.  Hoping to have better luck this fall.  I live up in north Idaho and somehow I don't know any other hunters!  Well, let me amend that, I know tons of hunters, but they all live over in WA or MT and I'm sandwiched in the middle with no one to go out with.  I'm looking forward to reading and learning on this forum smile

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Welcome to the site, it is a nice place to visit.


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Whiteriver, Well it just so happens that I traveled to Idaho this spring for bear too and nothing for me either...lol. Welcome to the site and I hope someone pipes up and you can perhaps find yourself a hunting Buddy here.

Good Luck!


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Welcome to the site.  It should serve as a great asset for you.  Makes for some great browsing!  

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Welcome to the site!  I've

Welcome to the site!  I've always thought about hunting Idaho, and actually have some friends up in the Bonner's Ferry area.  Some beautiful country for sure! It's a shame you can't find anyone to hunt with.  Maybe you can hook up with someone through here.

Hope you stick around the site some, and post some photos and stories of past and/or future success!!!

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Welcome to BGH and if your

Welcome to BGH and if your new to hunting then a welcome to our sport as well. Sorry you weren't able to get on any bear but it sounds like your outings will also work as some pre scouting for some deer and elk hunts in the future.

Good luck on you future hunts and I look forward to reading and hopefully seeing some pictures of how you do.

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Welcome, to bad you did not get a bear this past spring but it is still better to go out and get nothing than sit at home thinking about it. I will be doing my first Idaho Spring bear next year south of you in the Frank Church Wilderness. Looking very forward to it.

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Welcome whiteriver -

Welcome to Big Game Hunt whiteriver - you are going to like it here.  There are folks who have hunted longer than some of us have been aliove.  There are new hunters and everyone in between.  The one thing in common is the love of the hunt and a willingness to help each other.  There is a LOT of information on this site.  Join in - just like you have startyed doing - and we'll learn from you while you learn from us.  And good l;uck with those bear next time.  If it makes you feel any better - I have huinted bear three seasons to date and while I let a small bear walk I have never yet connected with one myself either....So share your successes and failures wth us and maybe we'll learn and bag those elusive bruins together - Mike

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whiteriver   there sure was a



there sure was a lot of snow in the selkirks this last spring.  It made for some awesome snowmobiling. 



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Welcome this is a great place

Welcome this is a great place to hang out and get some great info.  I would not be suprised if you run into some fellow hunter from ID on here and whos knows may just turn into a hunting partner as there are alot of great guys on here.

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