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Interview with Sgt. Sal Giunta: Medal of Honor Recipient

This is a link to a great interview with Sgt. Sal Giunta who recieved the Medal of Honor earlier this year. It gives an account of what happened and what Sgt. Guinta did. That is some pretty brave stuff. I can't imagine seeing three of the enemy carrying off your buddy.


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The two greatest heros in my life have been these two men. Both won the Medal of Honor as pilots in the Army. I actually flew for one of them, BG Brady and I am still in awe that I saw and met such a fine soldier. I feel the same way for every person who has been awarded this prestigious award, along with anyone who has worn the uniform. As a former soldier I can promise you that I hold the utmost respect for this award.

These are the fine men I hold as my personal heros.



I can promise you that I feel the same deep respect and pride for Sgt Giunta.

Thank you for posting this!

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