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Internet vs Paper - Applying for Tags

Seems like a lot of states are allowing you to apply for limited tags via the Internet these days. Paper seems to be "soooo 20th century" these days, so I'm thinking of going digital this year. What have your experiences been with applying for tags on the web? Colorado's app has to be in by April 3rd, any comments on CO's system?

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Internet vs Paper - Applying for Tags

I can't say what CO's system is like, but ours isn't too great yet. I do like using ours to buy additional doe/fawn tags, but as for the initial drawing paper is easier for me. Hopefully it will get better because the internet sure is easier when it's set up nice. I apply for moose in Maine every year, and their site is excellent, quick and easy to use. Good luck in the draws!


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Internet vs Paper - Applying for Tags

I really like online applications. It saves a lot of time, possible errors and stamps.
Carl, I applied for my first Maine point the other day and you are correct, it was simple and easy.

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Internet vs Paper - Applying for Tags

are they offering any type of management hunts up around the springs these days? last time i talked with some family there, they said their was an overabundance of mulies.

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I have found the DOW online application really easy to use. No problems whatsoever.

I also do my NH licenses online as well. Very easy and you print your license right off your printer. Lose your license? No problem, print another one. It's sent as an Adobe Acrobat file in NH. NH's is done by a 3rd party, Great Lodge.

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Internet vs Paper - Applying for Tags

No doubt about it, use the online version of the application. Much easier and there is an error checking function that keeps me from making a mistake. Good luck in the draw!

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Internet vs Paper - Applying for Tags

Used it last year with no problems and will be doing it online again this year shortly.


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