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Interesting things I've seen while hunting

I have had many different experiences when I've been hunting.  I once had a nuthatch(bird) sit on my gun barrel and sing to me.  Another time, I had 2 stellar jays sitting one one either side of me wanting attention.  Checking out my stand area for deer, I've had a rabbit come down an old logging road and disappear to the right of some rocks and than an Ermine(weasel in white winter coat) follow his tracks and then come back and hop around my feet, then jump up on the rock next to me.  He acted like he was going to crawl up my arm so i looked down at him and said" well hello there" and the look on his face was precious, like he was thinking "OMG, the rock just talked to me".  I didn't spook him though, he continued to hop around my feet.  I've had an 8 point buck touch his nose to my scent lure and a 6x7 bull elk come to within 30 yards away from me to check out a deer scent lure.  I talked to him too and he stayed for around 15 minutes.  He finally turned and walked away and his body was so big and long, that I remember thinking "Holy Cow, is this train ever going to end".  A 2x2 young mule deer buck once saw mw walk into the woods and go to my stand and than he went 60 yards away from me and laid down and was there for 2 hours, when I got up to move to another stand, he came down the hil toward me and stood there nibbling on a small pine tree.  He was almost close enough for me to touch.  I just love being out in the woods.

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Well, I too have had a bird,

Well, I too have had a bird, a chickadee in my case, sit on my gun barrel and stare at me.  Pretty funny.

I also had my first encounter with elk in the wild, when I almost got run over by a herd of 10-11 cows and raghorns.  I don't know which of us was more scared.  Luckily for the raghorns, I was deer hunting. lol

The funniest thing I ever had was back in highschool.  I was deer hunting on a ridge back in Vermont, and I had set out a couple of homemade scent bombs.  It was simply a 35 mm film cannister with a small hole cut in the top, and a cotton ball placed inside soaked in tinks.  You would pull a teeny bit of the cotton through the hole, and voila, instant scent bomb.  Anyway, I was sitting there, and saw some brownish movement out of the corner of my eye coming up the ridge.  I quickly realized it was a coyote.  He ran right up to one of my scent bombs, and grabbed it in his teeth.  I had the scope on him, and let out a "Boom!".  He snapped his head around looked at me, dropped the cannister, and bolted.  It was quite funny. 

Dad did get a little upset that I didn't shoot the coyote though......

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I think the coolest thing I

I think the coolest thing I have seen while hunting was when I was elk hunting a few years back.  I was taking a break watching a old logging road in both directions.  When off in the distance I saw an animal come out into the open and I knew istantly it was a good sized bull moose...then not far behind him another bull moose apeared.  What happen next I will never forget.  They began I will never forget.

They began to have themselves a nive fight right there in front of me at about 100 yards.  I think they went at it for about 5 minutes but it seemed like an hour.  It was so cool...my only regret is I have no pictures of it.  This was a time when I was hunting and never carrried a camera with me.  Dad had the camera with him and we had just split up not lon before all this happened.  So you have to take my word for it....it was very cool to see.

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If you hunt long enough and

If you hunt long enough and sit still while you are in the field the amount of things that you will see and experience will quickly add up. 

I have chipmunks and squirls run across my legs along with birds landing right next to where I am sitting.  I was muzzle loader hunting one year and had a whole group of deer within 3-20 feet of where I was sitting.  I was just about to take one of the smaller bucks in the heard that was only 3 feet from me when he snorted and started to paw the ground while he watched me.  I figured that if he was that brave he could live another day.  I even had a cow elk walk past me as I sat just off of the trail.  I thought that it would be neat to reach out and touch her.  Well, I did it and she went straight up into the air and landed at a full run away from me.  I quickly decided that it was not a good idea to do something like that again and will never do it again.  

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I grew up in grizzly country

I grew up in grizzly country just southeast of Glacier Park. I had the opportunity to see a sow griz fend off a large boar who was trying to get to the cubs. I was 12 years old and realize now that it was a once in a lifetime scene that lastest about 15 minutes.

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the most excitement that  i

the most excitement that  i ever had was when a red tailed hawk thought I was part of the tree he was going to land in, I dont know who was scared the most me almost falling out  of the tree thinking it was going to hit me in the face or the bird when the tree  he landed on moved which was head.  that was awesome. glad i saw it coming or i would have jumped out of the tree.

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