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I am new to texas just got stationed in el paso witht he army and am looking for any information on hunting deer and turkey in texas without having to pay the rediculous fees of guided tours any information will help

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Information Needed

I offer axis, black buck, fallow, and audade hunts. We are located 40 miles west of Kerrville, Texas. callcottranches@yahoo.com

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Information Needed

I don't know if you are still interested in this. I am new to the forum and am trying to spread my knowledge in hopes that others will do the same for me.

You have no doubt found out by now that most of Texas is privately owned. I am lucky in that my family has a large ranch near Iraan in West Texas. We have virtually all of the native game that you can find in Texas.

Because of this I know VERY little about public land hunts in Texas, but you should deffinitely check into the Big Bend area. There is a place called Black Gap on the north west side of the park that is open to public hunting. I went fishing on the Rio Grande in this area twice a year from the time I was 7 until I was 20. Then the river virtually dried up and i haven't been back since about 2001. Anyway, every trip we either heard or saw mountain lions and saw numerous mule deer. I would check there for starters. I think there are other public lands in the Big Bend area, but I'm not aware of any public lands closer to you.

Other than that, you could try this technique. As I was growing up, my dad and grandpa tought me how to call predators. Turns out, I have a natural ability to be successful at this. Texas land owners tend to be more lenient in who they allow onto their properties. Every time I meet a land owner I ask if I can hunt predators on his/her property. If they say yes, and you are successful, there is a good chance that it can turn into more than just predato hunting. At the peak of my hunting (1995to 2000) I had free range of 11 ranches to hunt predators. All the ranchers allowed me to also hunt dove, quail and Javelinas, and some even allowed me to hunt deer.

Anyway, good luck.


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