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INFORMATION on African hunting??RANT!
cam69conv wrote:
Ok Number one this topic was discussed LONG ago so you must be wanting to start a lil fight... Been on the sauce a little tonight?? What you saw on the Pic I posted was in fact a phillipino water buff which in fact is LARGER on average than a Cape!! As MAC said!!! If you actually READ this entire post your ignorant self would have seen this!!! The Philli Buff isnt known for the out and out right MEANESS of a cape but its size and general body toughness are around the same AS OTHERS HAVE SAID HERE... Read before you post and stop trying to pick there lil one... I already admitted LONG ago that I was understandable mistaken on the type of buff it was and on the post that all that started with between you and I on the hog forum!! Learn to read!!... But the fact still remains that its still a VERY tough hided and densly boned creature JUST LIKE THE CAPE with an ,on average, LARGER body size... So now lil one... Tell me that a .444 wont bring down a biggun?? The Pic I posted BTW is JUST the Head and cape to the top of the shoulders... Want to start a fight lil one you best pick on someone that dont fire back!!! Mac and I have BOTH apologized to each other for the mistake and HE is the one that showed me what type of Buff in actuallity it was... Learn to read before you POST!!! LMAO at someone trying to say a 1582 pound animal was a sickly yearling... Im laughing HARD now!!!

Man, for someone that's so sure of himself and his positions, you sure do go out of your way to try and prove to everybody else that your not full of crud. Even resorting to childish little outbursts such as calling me a little one. Does that make you feel good inside Mr. 69?

That guppy of a buff weighs 1,500 lbs my arse. Just b/c the species can weigh that much, that doesn't mean that that in bred crack baby of a buff you shot weighs anymore than a Shetland pony. I did READ your post Forest, I just think your scale was a couple of hundred pounds off. That weight is just as believable as your prior statement that it was a cape buff... you remember calling me an idiot when I called you out on that, don't you? How did that make you feel getting caught in your own delusions of grandeur partner?

Of course you can hunt anything you want with your .444 marlin, but I'll tell you now as I have before, it will not bring down anything on earth with one shot to the lungs, as you've specifically stated. No ph uses a .444 marlin in Africa, and I'd be surprised to hear others using it on DG, particularly cape buff. Laugh

Of course, almost anything the size of a .25 cal or more with solid bullets and sufficient velocity can kill even ele with a flawless brain shot. However, folks in the know (you Mr. 69 are certainly not in the know) no longer use pudknocker rifles like your 444 because, unlike that grunt that you shot, cape buff and ele have a tendency to get pissed when they aren't shot properly. Bigger is better for DG, and a .444 isn't big enough.

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INFORMATION on African hunting??RANT!

Nice comeback, but Cam has left the building.

Yep, he ain't been seen for months.

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INFORMATION on African hunting??RANT!

OH WOE IS ME. Your mention of warthog tusks sent chills down my spine. My trophy shipment from Zimbabwe all had to be shipped to california because of those blasted things. My taxidermist told me to have the tusks mounted in Africa and the finished plaque sent directly to me. My outfitter goofed and put the warthog tusks in the crate with my buffalo and leopard. USDA is having a hayday with pork. They would not allow the tusks to be removed from the crate and processed separately. The entire shipment must stay together and it was then sent to an authorized import tannery in California. Five hundred dollars additional shipping. I wish I had left the darn things in Africa. Now a few words on taxidermy. In a recent issue of Buckmasters magazine, there was an article about the zoological art being used to mount trophies by Jonas Brothers of New York. It is quite impressive The article also spoke of the increased use of European Mounts for many trophies. Where a pedestal mount of a Cape Buffalo can run three to four thousand dollars, the price quoted for the zoological mount was twelve hundred and fifty. Hmmmm. Worth considering. My first european mount was of a blackbuck I took in Argentina. It turned out great and I can see why they are becoming more popular. By the way, it was the November 07 issue of Buckmasters magazine that had the article on zoological mounts. For many us the taxidermy fees and shipping from foreign lands ts fast approaching fifty percent of the hunt itself. Alternative mounting methods are worth some looking into. Someone spoke of copies being made of trophies. I am planning a crop damage elephant hunt in Zinbabwe. The tusks are non-importable. My PH will have fiberglass copies made of the tusks I choose. Cost- Five hundred dollars and they can be shipped directly to my house. For those of you that would like to hunt elephant and just feel the price is too high, consider the PAC (crop damage) elephant hunt. It is less than half the cost of a trophy hunt and the chance exists that you can shoot more than one elephant. I have seen the damage done to native corn fields by marauding elephants and that is those folks yearly cornmeal supply. My final comment is on the meat of harvested animals. My buffalo had to be guarded as it was being butchered. Native folks came for portion of the meat as some of them had not had any red meat in two years. My PH has also advised me that once a crop damage elephant is down, it must be completely butchered and divided among the local natives before another can be taken. My African hunts have always taken place in somewhat populated areas and believe me, nothing has ever gone to waste. I mean nothing. We even had the loins of the leopard I took. It was prepared somewhat like alligator nuggets. I will leave the campfire comments made as we dined on them up to your imagination.

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INFORMATION on African hunting??RANT!

on my last trip to namibia, the Ph told me they boil the warthog tusks and you just put them in your pocket and say nothing as you return to the usa. i brought in some kudu horn bone to make little amulets and decorations, and all i had to do was fill in a usf&w import form, no duty or anything. if i had said nothing, they would not have even known.

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INFORMATION on African hunting??RANT!

yipes you're taking one heck of a chance...sometimes you win..sometimes you loose. you loose and you're going to PAY!!
shoot a warthog or two if you want then swap the tusks at a local carver's tent for those carved already to bring home...or just take a good picture of your trophy and mount that. Most mounted warthogs have plastic tusks anyway.

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