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Info on Montana non-resident hunting for next year

I think I'm going to bag hunting here in Idaho next year (been hunting since Aug, in 7 different Units and haven't seen a damn thing (does, fawns and 7 wolf). I think its due to wolves and somebody has their head up someone else's A$$ that they cant see whats going on.

I've got family in Montana and I'm trying to get in touch with them to get info, I figured I would ask what I need to do for next year.

I would like to hunt Deer/Antelope/Elk.

Can someone give me a brief rundown what I need to do to get prepared?


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Info on Montana non-resident hunting for next year

You typically have to apply by March 15 to get the general tag. If you draw a general tag, you can then put in for limited licenses in June. There is also some special stuff coming down the pipeline regarding former residents. If you were once a resident, you can get licenses at resident prices next year. I'm still not certain if you have to apply for them, or if they are OTC like for residents. I need to look into those myself.

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