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Indiana Deer Reduction Hunts Successful

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Indiana Deer Reduction Hunts Successful

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Indiana Deer Reduction

I own property adjoining Tippicanoe State Park. Our deer hunting has gone from incredible to poor since these deer slaughters. Im a avid deer hunter and I realize the need for reduction. I think it a joke that their is not an anterless restriction on these problematic plant killing deer. I reside in Illinois, a state where big bucks are allowed to grow thanks to our restrictive 7 day gun and 3 day muzzleloader seasons. Furthermore if deer reduction was done in Illinois, I bet it would be doe only.
What is the point in killing bucks in these state parks? Obviously the director in charge of this reduction campagne has no clue about Conservation.. Just a typical tree hugger. C'mon Indiana join the rest of the big buck states and restrict these nonsense reduction buck slaughters. Jim Shame on You! Powell[/i][/b]

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