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Increased hunting safety distances - Maryland

Howard County Executive Ken Ulman is calling for a change in the county's hunting law after a shot fired by a deer hunter shattered the window of a Clarksville daycare center.

Police said no one was injured and the hunters, who were hunting with shotguns, fired the shot from more than 270 yards away from the building on Wednesday. County law prohibits firing guns within 150 yards of any home or building designed for people to occupy.

Six children, two workers and a parent were in the daycare center at the time.

Ulman wants to change the county code to make the required distance longer.

County officials are researching the appropriate yardage to recommend in legislation Ulman plans to file.

The change will effect every type of hunting from the goose fields to dove shoots. This will need to be watched very close. If they make safety ranges to 300 yards or more many place we hunt now for squirrel, dove, duck, goose or rabbit will be considered unhuntable unless we get permission from other land owners also.