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I'm in seventh heaven, boys!

Start off with this am, I took a little road trip around the local area. A spot that I know of that pretty much always carries turkeys enticed me to stop. I pulled out the ole trusty box call and hit it a couple times. What was that I heard, GOBBLE GOBBLE came back to me. Yea Haw! Hit it a couple more times and it was gettin closer. I left the poor boy wondering where that hen went. Got back in the Blazer with a smile on my face and continued on.

Got home around noon, wife had a nice lunch on the table to my surprise. Fed the ole face and settled down in the recliner to watch today's nascar race. Just yesterday I switched that not so good **** satelite company I had to the other one. Now the got a couple different outdoor channels to watch (which of course I stayed up way too late last night watching) that actually come in plus Nascar Pit Pass.

So now I got some decent telly to watch, gobblers answering calls, and turkey season starting next week! It just don't get any better than that.

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