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I'm old as the dinosaurs

This is a true story that I found extremely humorous.

My 5 year old daughter and I were watching the Flintstones together a couple nights ago. Wilma was cooking a bowl of something for Fred. A rather large bone was sticking up out of the bowl.

Nova asked me what they were eating. I told her that it was probably a dinosaur and more than likely a brontosaurus.

She looked me in the eye with the utmost seriousness and asked, "Daddy, is that what you used to eat when you were a kid?"

I laughed so hard I about split. Obviously, she thinks I'm pretty old.

I hope you all get a good laugh at my expense.

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I'm old as the dinosaurs

Laugh Laugh Laugh Laugh i don't feel so bad then.

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I'm old as the dinosaurs


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I'm old as the dinosaurs

hahaha Thumbs up

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