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im new to site hello biggamers

No, you won't regret it.

I agree with every word you say.

Just as much as I have my strong opinions, I cannot/will not force them down anyones throat.

Just as much as I'd like to punch a flag burner in the face, I have to recognize that the only reason some moron is allowed to burn a flag in a public place and live to tell the tale is because some other brave unmentioned person probably gave their life so that we can live in a free contry and unfortunatley not everyone agrees with how others express their freedoms.

As much as I'd like to see antler restrictions, or rules which may dictate someone having to shoot a doe, before a buck, I am in the position I hate, that the government usually puts people in...making decisions for someone else that I have no right to make.

I would like to see some kind of "management training" given when hunter safety courses are given. Some statistics of the area, some descriptions of mature does, bucks, etc. I think if more new hunters were given a little info on ratios in their areas, descriptions of mature does and bucks, there may be some better managment tactics. I am in FULL support that a young or new hunter take whatever animal is good in their eyes, but in areas like here where the ratios are horrible, there has to be some efforts to educate young hunters as to the proper management and the possible rewards.

I am a doe hunter. I have never gone into the woods with the plan to shoot a big buck. If I did, I don't think I would be a hunter any more. I don't have that kind of patience. I try to put myslef in positions to see the maximum number of does, and once every few years I get a chance at a monster. It'd just be nice to see the same type of herds that exist in well-managed areas. My record book deer was absolutely in the wrong place at the wrong time, but if you spend enough time in the woods, that will eventually happen. I got a chance at a BIGGER one this fall, but I was in such heavy cover that the 15 yard shot didn't make it without hitting a branch big enough to deflect the arrow. Brick Wall,)

All the best

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I agree

You're absolutely right. If you spend enough time in the woods, and have a reasonable level of hunting and woodsmanship skills, you'll get a chance at a big deer someday. If a hunter shoots a small deer and ends the season early, they spend less time in the woods learning, making mistakes and gaining experience. Hopefully, you'll get a chance at the monster next year.

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im new to site hello biggamers

I agree the deer with a point restriction is a good idea. But let’s dive into deer biology it takes 3 things to grow big antlers.
1. Genetics
2. Age
3. Food
Know the point restriction will guarantee that the deer will live longer. If it has the diet and in my opinion Genetics then you will have a deer grow like the picture shows. But if you have a deer with bad genetics. That is running around safe from hunters due to being to small that can not produce a rack like this one then ha can have all the corn and alfalfa and live to he is 8 years old and he will never have horns like the one above.

I hunted Utah in 2000 had a great hunt. They are doing what I wish a lot of stats would do. The limit the kill of large animals and the small ones don’t have a chance to pass the genes on to the next generation.

We have spikes here on my farm that is 150# live wich is big for PA deer on the average. With 2.5 to 3.5 years old and walking around with spikes only 2.5” long. I killed a 5 point this year the longest horn was 2.75” and the age was 3.5 years old.

Point restriction will work if you have good genetics to start with.


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im new to site hello biggamers

Fine looking buck, Congrats Thumbs up Thumbs up
Vermont started there point restriction a couple years back, and limited our limit to two deer harvested for all three seasons, Archery, rifle and muzzy. No problem, But our no.'s ( well atleast in some of the areas i Hunt ) are not the greatest at all. Not saying that in other parts of the state, the numbers arent higher, but I dont have the abillity to travel much. I'm trying to instill into my son the ideas of letting the little ones walk so they grow. It's just exteremely frustrating to hunt everyday only to see nothing. There are a few good sized bucks running the mt. behind me, ( not as big as some places but...) If still living there were two very large bodied 8's, and one 14 pt. running this fall. There was also a medium sized 7 running also. I figure they must have been passed on at some point. The only problem now is that the pressure has increased to an all time high, due to that fact. Sorry to veer off from subject a bit. As far as trophy hunting goes with youth, I feel that the first if legal is any. As long as they feel its rght.
This is even further out but here goes just the same, this past bow season, my partner ( 13 yr old son ) took his first deer, a 113lb doe, now being his first archery season and all, ya I could have had him wait being we had seen a couple very large does opening weekend, but i didnt, I let him decided, do either one of us regret it? NO!!!! It was priceless!! Now he wants to go after more, YEAH!!! He was/ is very happy with his. I figure He has to start somewhere. He told me next year's deer will be even bigger then this years, and will be bigger then mine Yes Yes ( I ate my tag for both seasons sad )
Again I appoligise for running all over with this, it's just this year trully sucked for me Brick Wall,) Brick Wall,) Brick Wall,) .

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Proud 3 Pt

This was my first year hunting in a while since I moved to NYC for work. Desperate to get back into hunting I got my license found a WMU in Putnam County. I searched all over the gameland, scouring for signs and trails. After locating a great bottleneck and rubs and scrapes and found what I felt was a great spot. During my scouting only spotted does on the game land but large deer on PRIVATE POSTED PROPERTY. A few days hunting mins before sun down right were I assumed, a nice little buck walked out downwind of my seat. I waited as he followed the trail to give a nice 75 yrd broad side shot w/ my sluggun. I was proud of my accomplishment at the site of my little three pointer. Of coarse everynight leaving the gameland there were huge deer on those POSTED PROPERTIES that I could have walked over and poked with a stick. If I was a poacher or lawbreaker or just happened to have money to buy my own 100 acres I could easily shot one of those large deer. Poaching, Lawbreaking, and Money doesn't mean your a good huneter. Regardless of what you think I'm proud of that 3ptr that was HUNTED

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