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Im new here. WV born and raised. Introducing myself.

Hello everyone. I'm new here and just gonna introduce myself and run something by yall. I'm a teenager growing up in southern west virginia and have had a passion for the outdoors since as long as I can remember. Name a animal in WV and I guarantee I've hunted it. (Except turkeys. Ive tried for years and just cant get one in the truck...). I fish trout and bass all summer and here recently have been catching some snappers since turtle season recently came in. I've also been known to do things the "unconventional"  way being that I have taught myself alot of my skills (due to my father working alot. It is a blast when he actually gets to hunt cause he never has much free time). Now heres where I need yalls opinion. I was thinking about what I see on outdoor channel and I think to myself. "Those guys cant be that lucky". Cause lets face it us hunters dont get a kill every trip. So I think what if I make a outdoor show on youtube for the average american? The one that cant afford to go to outfitters and guided hunts. Cause lets face it, times are tough. Atleast in a coal miners family. Make it about ones like me and the many other americans. The ones that have to find their own areas and guide theirselves? Now here is my question to yall. What do you guys think of this? Any suggestions for the show? Would you tune in? I know I am new here and probably shouldnt be posting something like this but this has ate at me for a while and I would like some others thoughts?

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Welcome to the fourm. I don't

Welcome to the fourm.

I don't know about unsucessful hunts being filmed and actually watched, we have all been there at one time or another.  A unsucessful hunt is usually a learning experience for the hunter to sit and reflect on what he did wrong or what he may of even done right without the intended results. 

I know that as for myself I consider a hunt successful if I had the oppertunity to take a animal and not if I actually take a animal home.  Some of my finest moments have been just watching a animal that I didn't shoot but knowing that I could of at any time. 

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