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I'm a BUCK !!

An 8 pointer, 4 pointer and a button buck are standing by a field browsing on acorns.

The 8 pointer says, 'I'm happy with my 20 does, we're really getting along.'
The 4 pointer says, 'I'm happy as heck with my 10, they really take care of me!'
The Button buck says, 'My two are all right, better than nothing I guess.'
Then all of a sudden a GIANT 14 pointer walks out into the field. The three bucks had never seen anything like him before, they were in awe. The big buck made a huge scrape and peed in it, rubbed a tree the size of a telephone pole and snapped it off at the ground!

The three bucks looked on in amazement.

The 8 pointer says, 'I could probably get by with 10 does, Who really needs 20 anyway?'
The 4 pointer says, 'You know, come to think of it, I only really use 4 or 5 of mine!'
The button buck was silent, as the other two bucks look over to him in confusion. Suddenly the yearling runs out into the middle of the field! He rips and tears up some grass, pees all over the place, snorts & wheezes, rubs his head raw on a tree and chews a lickin branch clean off! Then he runs back over to his buddies.

His friends immediately ask him, 'What the heck are you doing!?'

I'm just makin' sure that big SOB knows I'm a buck!'

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I'm a BUCK !!


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I'm a BUCK !!

Laugh Laugh Thumbs up

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