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I'm back!

Dad ya all miss me???? Wink

Well, I didn't get a deer, but was able to be there with Dad when he got the best one he's ever taken.  Just spending time with him is worth the trip, eveything else is a bonus.

I did get to see a few deer opening day, and then I was treated to a good send off the last evening when a doe and 2 fawns came out 20 minutes before dark and ate apples under a tree just 10 yards from my stand.  I love to see deer, even if I am not shooting them.  I guess that's something alot of these anti hunters don't understand, is that it's all about the experience, and the kill is just a small part.  Heck, at one time, no joke, I had Blue jays, a chipmunk, 2 red squirrels, chickadee, a big grey squirrel, and a partridge (grouse) all in the orchard at the same time.  They made an awful racket, but it was fun.

Anyway, Dad's deer is the best he's ever taken, and the rack, according to the taxidermist is one of the better ones you will see in Vermont.  I know he needs to try and talk it up a little, to convince the people to give hm their business, but my Dad coaches his daughter in softball, so I think he's pretty straightforward with my Dad.  He is also a certified scorer for B&C, and he wants to measure it.  I am no good at guessing, so I have no clue what it will score, but he thinks it's close enough to measure for the Vermont Big Game Trophy Club.  They require a minimum of 110 inches gross score.  And, my Dad has never got a deer mounted, so he's decided to do this one.  I have graciously offered to direct some of his Christmas/Birthday money towards it. 

I will post some photos of my trip when I get them organized.  Fun times had by all. 


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Welcome back Sean. Sorry you

Welcome back Sean. Sorry you didn't get a deer but like you said it surely isn't the most important thing about it. Bery glad to see how well your dad did and that you were able to be there with him to share the experience. Just imagine before too many years go by you will be able to include your son as well and have a multi generation hunt, I know my dad really enjoys when we are all hunting together and I'm really looking forward to my grandson joining th egroup and putting 4 generations together.

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Welcome Back!

Congratulations to your Dad.

The time spent with your Dad will be a treasured memory in future years.


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Pops buck

Super job for dad, must of been a ton of fun to hunt with him. Great pic.

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Congratulations to your Dad and you

Nice buck.  It sounds like you guys had a great time.  That's what hunting is all about. Can't wait to see the other pics.






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Welcome back Sean !


As everyone else has said, it sounds like a successful hunt to me ! Congrats to your dad on an excellent buck ! There is nothing better than sharing the hunt with your father, or family and friends, anytime you can.

Congrats again and I can't wait to see the rest of the pics ! Thumbs up


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Congrats to you and your

Congrats to you and your dad.  It is always a wonderful experience to spend time in the field with the one who taught us to love the outdoors.  I grew up antelope hunting with my dad in Wyoming.  I learned so much from him.  Now that I am older with a family and cant take the time or expense to go up there and hunt anymore, we go deer hunting over here in western colorado.  While we may not always harvest, it is a great experience every year just getting to spend time with him.  I am constantly reminded that none of us are not getting any younger and that every experience is priceless.  This year I found out it is just as priceless for our dads.  I shot my deer within one hour of opening day.  I spent the rest of the season doing my best to get my dad a deer.  Every time I set him up he would do everything in his power to make sure the shot didnt happen (ie: walking straight at the deer, making a lot of noise, etc...) just to make sure the hunt didnt end.  I think that meant more to me than I would ever imagine.  Every year I wonder if this will be the last time and that makes it magical but at the same time a little sad.  I am glad you got to experience a great hunt with your dad and if you guys do decide to come out her next year I will do everything I can to get you some info to make it a great experience for you guys.  Congrats again. 

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Good to Hear Your Hunt Went Well

You already know but it bears repeating that trophies of the heart and mind are as important as antlers on the wall.   That said it looks like a great whitetail!

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the differences between hunting east coast and west coast.  I haven't had the chance yet to hunt back east and stand hunting seems totally alien to me.  Can't wait to try it though.

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Thanks Hal.  The biggest

Thanks Hal.  The biggest difference I can see, is the effect of the terrain on deer movement, and how you hunt them.  East, lots of woods, swamps, etc.  West, miles of vast open hillsides or plains, you can see for miles. Back east, the whitetail are very pattern oriented, except during the rut.  Even then, you can actually pattern a buck by his core area, where rubs and scrapes are showing up, etc.  That's how may dad got this guy, he was following 3 minutes behind a doe, refreshing his scrapes and checking to see if she'd left her calling card, so to speak.  You can hunt on fields and power line slashes, where you could have a 300-400 yards shot, but most often, it's under 100 yards, in a hardwood or even green thicket.  My dad's furthest shot in his spot is 50 yards, and he shot his deer at 30.  My deer I have shot there have been 6, 11, and 20 yards.  You also use a heavier caliber gun, because you are more likely to have to deal with a twig or some brush, instead of having a long, flat shooting rifle.

Out west, I am no expert, but from what I have found, it's all about how well you can spot them, and get into shooting range.  Optics and a good pair of hiking boots are essential.  You may see way more game in a day out west, but you may never be within shooting range of any of it.  Also, due to the country being so wide open in places, the deer do not seem to stick to game trails as much.  Yes, they have them, but if there are 50 ways across that hillside, versus only 1 or 2 ways through that cedar swamp of rasberry thicket, you can't narrow them down as much.

That's why I think I like my archery spot out here.  It's more like back east hunting, in that the deer actually have trails here, it's in the pines, and you can hunt from a treestand if you desire.  I have one spot I am lucky to see 50 yards.  Makes me think of home in Vermont.... Wink

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I think it is a buck worth putting on display.

I agree, that sounds like a successful hunt to me! Congratulations to your dad.  Speaking as someone that is hunting not too far away, I can tell you that is a great Vermont buck and no matter what the tape measure says, that looks like a wall hanger to me.  I don’t think that the taxidermist is exaggerating.  They grow a few bigger ones, but they are very few and far between!  So I think it is a buck worth putting on display and it is cool that you shared the memory with your dad.  In future years you can see that buck on the wall and remember the good times together.  Glad to hear that your hunt went well and as others have said sharing time with your dad is well worth the cross continental airfare. 

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Nics buck. It must be great

Nics buck. It must be great that you can spend time with you dad, I never got to spend enough time with mine before he went. You should really value your times with him.

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