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To illuminate or not to illuminate? Help Quick!

I am about to purchase a Meopta Meostar in 3-12x56 for a Tikka T3. they have two of the same but one is illuminated. I have never hunted with one like that. What advantages & disadvantages does it offer? Is it annoying and obstruct the viewed shot? Worth an extra $150?

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To illuminate or not to illuminate? Help Quick!

If you don't have enough light to shoot on 3x, I doubt there will be enough to shoot on higher powers even with the lighted reticule. But I also don't like gimics and those lighted reticules have always seemed like a gimic to me.

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To illuminate or not to illuminate? Help Quick!

Don is right.

Illuminated reticles are also hard on batteries.

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To illuminate or not to illuminate? Help Quick!

I have a Meuller 3X9 illuminated scope on my Tikka T3 but have not shot anything with it yet. I was sitting a bear bait the other night and the illuminated dot gave me an extra 20 min of shooting time before i thought it would be too risky to take a shot, even with the illuminated dot. In low light, I find that illuminated dots do not allow the degree if prercision in aim that I want. I will probably replace this scope after this season.

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To illuminate or not to illuminate? Help Quick!

In my opinion, if you can't see a set of crosshairs without illuminating them, you shouldn't be putting up the rifle. Either/Or, your target is no brighter, nor is what sits behinds it.
I see no real advantage to illuminted recticles, something like a power antenna Laugh Laugh Laugh

Twenty minutes extra shooting time, you might want to change that Shame on You! Shame on You! Shame on You!

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