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Ill take your leftovers!!

I am looking for any unwanted meat or animals (dead preferably) as it will be used for feeding my dog and two cats. With the way meat prices are these days it gets pricey so I am looking at ways to reduce the costs. I am also looking for whole game to give them some variety, birds, rabbits or really just about anything. Organs are very valuable to me so if you don’t keep them I would be glad to take them off your hands! I know hunting season isn’t up yet … but I am trying to prepare for it as I am getting my freezer room cleared up ;). Please contact me at leahpeters2@yahoo.com if you have any info or items for me. By the way I am located in Winnipeg Manitoba.
Thank you in advance,
Leah Peters

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Ill take your leftovers!!

Where are you?

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