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If you see Moose you won't see Elk?

I was talking with a guy at work yesterday and he was telling me that if you are seeing moose in an area that you will not see elk.  Obviously they have some habitat differences in which they prefer but they still use similar habitats at times.  Is this a true fact? 

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It isn't true.  A area where

It isn't true.  A area where I used to hunt elk in Utah has moose and it isn't uncommon that while you are watching elk to see a few moose in the same area.  Now if your friends are thinking that moose hang out in just swamps I can see their thinking but here in the western states you will see them where you see them.  Last month when I was checking out my elk hunting area I ran into a moose in the middle of the road and there were elk standing on the hill above him. 

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False. In the Bighorns where

False. In the Bighorns where I live and hunt it isn't uncommon to see elk and moose in the same place. It is unusual, in my experience, to see deer and elk in the same place during the hunting seasons. Later in the winter that's not the case.

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Moose and Elk

False. I saw a small bull moose in the same small drainage where I shot my cow last year. I saw several bull elk in there, too. It just ain't so.

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If you see Moose you won't see Elk

False. I've killed 2 Shiras moose near West Yellowstone, MT, and have killed a half dozen elk in the same drainages.

Another year I took two friends hunting in that same area. The friend with the moose tag killed a B&C bull moose and the other friend and I each killed a bull elk, all in the same drainage.

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Yes, one more false. I can

Yes, one more false. I can take you to a brother and sister moose, and the area is loaded with elk. There's no moose hunting in this unit, so the moose are content to stay there year around.

I'll see moose poop, and 5 ft from it will be elk poop.

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Moose and Elk

The elk will be at least 30 yards from moose Wink

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Great pics TBONE !! Thumbs up Thanks for sharing !

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