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If you had 10 Preference Points . . .

. . . and wanted to hunt a trophy bull during the 2008 blackpowder season in Colorado, which unit would you choose? Open to suggestions on good outfitters also.

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If you had 10 Preference Points . . .

10 points ought to get you into several “trophy” units. 851,66,69,49,76,61,40, and 1. The DOW keeps statistics on herd size, bull/cow ratio, success rates, and other useful info. http://wildlife.state.co.us/Hunting/BigGame/Statistics/ I’m in the same boat but I only have 7 points. If I had 10, I would seriously be investigating 851, 61 and 1.

In addition to a first hand account (which don’t seem to be coming in) a good way to get the real skinny on outfitters is to pick a few then call the people who provide logistical support for their business and ask them their thoughts. Outfitters consume a tremendous amount of goods and material to provide a quality service to hunters. Good luck and congratulations on the 10 points.

Incidentally, I feel like my 7 points is in a way a handicap. CO is full of great elk hunting for 1 PP which means every other year. I’m not convinced that a “trophy” unit is going to get me much of an advantage but I cant bring myself to trade my 7 points for a hunt that only takes 1. Ah the psychology of it all.

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If you had 10 Preference Points . . .

I'm in the same boat as Centennial. 7 PP for Elk. There is a group of us that will be hunting 61 when we draw, but I too feel that the wait is too long and there are plenty of places to draw/hunt that may be just as good. Last time I drew 61, I hunted hard for the entire week without seeing a good bull. I saw tons of elk and smaller bulls, but nothing that fit the desired bull after waiting 5 years (at that time). I think we should draw this coming year or the following and after that, I will definitely be evaluating how to proceed with the application exercise after that. I cut my hunting teeth in 61 a few years before it went limited only, worked there as a kid and still live close so I feel that it is a better choice for me than 76. I really don't like having to learn a new hunting spot. I really don't want to wait for another 7 years for one of the NW corner units.
Hambone, I'm with Cent on this one, check the statistics and verify that 10 pts will get you in the running for a tag in the MZ season. Best of luck in the draw and with your hunt.

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Looks like Hambone is a NR. That means 10 PP will get you into that well known trophy mecca.....GMU 12. That took 7POINTS for a NR to draw in 2006! A few years before it was 3 for NR. If I remember correctly, you need a bunch more to draw a "quality" unit. I'm a NR and I burned 6 points on a statewide tag this year and hunted 35 & 36. I was saving my points for a "good" unit and finally said "to heck with it" and drew a statewide tag. I'm not saving my points anymore. Between point creep and the rules changing at the whim of the DOW, I will use them up as soon as I accumulate enough points to draw a statewide blackpowder tag. I am of the opinion, right or wrong, that that is my best bet to get a good bull. I'm getting too old to save points for some future dream hunt. Too many NR hunters with too many points and too few tags available. If I want my dream hunt I'll go elsewhere. I am thankful for the opportunity to hunt every year in Colorado but the point game can be frustrating. I'm not bitter, just a little disappointed. For residents, it's a different game. They face the same issues but to a lesser extent.

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